In the Wake of a Trump Presidency

Last  night like millions of Americans, I could not help but cry.  Three times to be exact.  They were tears of sadness, frustration, and anger.  I don’t think many of us went into last night believing it would end with an orange as our 45th President, but it did.

Like many others, I’m not quite sure what to say.  There is a stillness in the air, and a numbness in my hands, feet, and heart.  But, I decided I needed to say something.  So, I write.  I write to quench the fear and anger.  To try and make others feel love and hope in a difficult time.  I write to show my solidarity, and my willingness to fight now more than ever.

What breaks my heart about the results of last nights elections, is the emotional pain that it is causing.  Never, have I seen so much fear in my friends and family.  We are not upset simply because we don’t like Trump, we are upset because we feel we have reason to fear.  I fear for the safety of the people in our great country.  Trump has shown sexism and racism, not to mention making fun of the disabled, anti-Muslim views, and is generally rapey. These are traits that I don’t want anywhere near my president.

I do not hate Trump supporters. Hate is the last thing we need right now. I am merely disappointed that people are willing to look past the horrible things this man has said and done. What does it say about us as a country that we would vote for a man who bragged about “grabbing her by the pussy”, frequently makes inappropriate comments about his DAUGHTER, and wants to build a fucking wall to keep people out.

I have respect for the Muslim religion. I spent 3 weeks in a hijab and I do not believe we should criminalize a whole religion. I’ve had friends suffer from eating disorders that brought them close to death, and yet our next President has no problem calling women “fat, pigs, slobs”. If I had to count of my fingers and toes, I wouldn’t be able to reach the number of women I know personally who have been sexually assaulted, so when you disregard a man bragging about sexual assault, try and look those women in the eyes. Every fucking day we reach for equality of sex, religion, race, and sexual orientation. Today I fear, we have lost hold of the rope again.

I am afraid for myself and all other women. We want to break the glass ceiling,  but our hammer got replaced with a sexist shitbag. Minorities everywhere are fearing deportation from lives they rightfully earned. But hey, at least the KKK is happy!

The only way to beat this stomach punch, is to stand back up, and fight.  Now, is a better time than ever, to join hands, and shout a little bit.  Fight for our environment, minorities, the disabled, women, and every other person who needs us right now.  Trump has a way of provoking fear inside of us all.  Don’t let it take you over.  Love Trumps Hate, WE trump hate, WE love, WE must.

Now is not the time to wallow in self pity and shrink in fear- even though it may seem easier.  Take your anger, and let it fuel your fight.