Things That Make Me Angry

I don’t consider myself an angry person.  For the most part, I keep level-headed and am often the person who helps solve arguments.

Recently, however, I’ve developed a deep, deep rage inside of me.  I don’t have any idea why!  Maybe I’m old enough now to see the injustices of the world,  my hormones are acting up, or I’m just bored af.

To help release my anger, I decided to write it down in a way that I hope humans enjoy.

  1. Grumpy people at ice cream shops
  2. Ads on Youtube
  3. Political Posts on Facebook
  4. When those special headphones for iPhones break
  5. The ending of “How I Met Your Mother”
  6. Assholes (the people, the body part is needed to poop so I’m not angry at that
  7. When Taco Bell’s Freezy machine is broken
  8. A menu with a lack of vegetarian items
  9. Animal testing
  10. Saggy pants – JUST STOP
  11. Old men cat calling me and my friends
  12. Boys
  13. Girls
  14. Humans in general
  15. Cats… sorry not sorry
  17. When doctors make you take pregnancy tests, like come on dude
  18. Sarah Palin
  19. People who  ask to sample vanilla
  20. Tall people at concerts
  21. Bad teachers
  22. The fact that I got a B in Study Hall in Middle School
  23. Sexism, racism, ageism, homophobia
  24. How many mornings I wake up to news of shootings
  25. How nothing in this town is open past 10
  26. Children
  27. Children on airplanes
  28. People who eat tuna on airplanes
  29. LA traffic
  30. College Tuition
  31. #AllLivesMatter #Stop
  32. People who think Harry and Hermione should have gotten together
  33. Ross after season 4
  34. When white people say the N word- just stop please.
  35. Fake people
  36. Fake burgers
  37. Stupidity

Alright I feel better, have a glorious day.