Love Thy Selfie

I used to think people who posted lots of selfies (pictures of one’s self for the less-hip readers) on various social media sites, were egotistical and asking for attention.  Since then, my opinion has changed.

I am a proud supporters of self love and love of selfies.

Because, really, what is wrong with taking and posting pictures of yourself?

I’ve grown to love scrolling Instagram and seeing selfie after selfie from beautiful men and women. Do you know why?  Because it means these lovely humans found themselves looking good enough in their own opinion to show themselves off.

This may not seem important, but it is.  Low self confidence, negative body image, and haters are major problems in our society.  Media is a constant negative force against self confidence.  There are things constantly telling us to look different to fit societies standards of beauty.

This is bullshit- please don’t excuses my language, I don’t really care…

But I do care about what people think of themselves, and I don’t want anyone to see themselves in a bad light.

So I support selfies.  I support good lighting.  I support black and white filters, half of the face pictures, full faced makeup selfies, and natural faces in the camera lens.

When I take selfies, I feel better about myself.  So I stopped feeling guilty for taking them.  Now, when I feel good about myself, may hair is nice, or the lighting is bomb, I say screw it.

I love my selfie, I hope everyone can love their’s too.