How to Adult

We 90’s babies are reaching an exciting point in our life.  A time where we can start to be considered as adults.

I gotta say, I find it pretty cool. We are big kids now.

In the US I can vote (WHICH EVERYONE SHOULD DO), be in porn, buy lottery tickets, go to jail,  and join the military.

In the UK, I can go to a bar and have a drink with a friend.

It’s weird, it’s exciting, it’s down right terrifying.

For all the 18 year olds and such out there who are afraid and don’t like setting their own bed time quite yet, I’m with you. To combat this newfound adulthood, I’ve come up with a list.


  1. Don’t say “how to adult”, I’m sorry I lead you wrong so quickly.
  2. Learn to do your laundry and do it, don’t wait until it’s time to go home for break.
  3. Register to vote and try really hard to discover your own political views, not just the ones you were born into.
  4. Call your parents. Adults call their parents, it’s a real thing, I’ve seen it.
  5. Form adult relationships. Less drama, less pressure, more company.
  6. Talk to your parents about life. Learn from them.
  7. Recycle.
  8. Buy bath salts and learn how they work to prepare yourselves for stress relief baths in the future.
  9. Laugh at teenagers and their silly problems and pretend like you aren’t still wondering if the cute guy from class is going to text you.
  10. Make more age appropriate FB posts: ” Hi Christie, Just got a Facebook, hope your family is okay, sorry your dog had a heart attack”. OR “Sweetheart, it’s GRANDMA, how do I log off?”.
  11. Get a blazer. Plus 1 for shoulder pads.
  12. Read The New York Times, know what is going on.
  13. Stop believing everything you hear or see and look into it yourself.
  14. Tell some young’ins to quiet down.
  15. Eat some of that boring old original frozen yogurt with some granola shit on it and fruit. NO OREOS FOR YOU.

In all seriousness, I don’t believe there is a single way to be an adult.   It’s a transition, a big one, and everyone does it their own way.

I encourage all 18-20 somethings to be good adults.  Don’t look down on younger generations, instead, encourage them.  Be a role model.  Take matters into your own hands by figuring out what you believe in and support.  Start taking control of your life, it’s time.


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