Feminism: the Myth VS the Legend

I am Feminist.  I am not afraid to admit that, why would I be?

Oh right, I know why…  There is a rumor mill going around about what it means to be a Feminist, and it is not very nice.

I want to set the record straight about what it means to be a Feminist, because I think it is important to accept feminism and destroy the taboo of the word.


Media has strewed societies ideas of feminism.  Feminists are shown as bra burning, men hating, lesbians.

Seriously?  Who the hell would burn a bra?  That shit is expensive.

Men hating?  Sure, I hate some men.  I also hate some women.  I love all dogs.

And yes, we are all lesbians.

There is a radical side of feminism that expresses ideas that are not true feminist ideals. Women who decide they need to put men down to pull themselves up, slut shame other women, victim blame, and are unwilling to welcome WOC and Trans-Women into feminism, ARE NOT FEMINISTS.

They are just angry about something and probably could use a hug.

*February 6th: Hug a Radical Feminist Day.  New National Holiday.

Radicals do not follow feminist principals, and give the movement a bad rep.


What is true Feminism?

Websters Dictionary defines it as “the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities”.

Simple as that.

Woah that was like, really easy.

Feminism is a movement to create equality between the genders, that is the bottom line.

It is not about making women superior to men.  It is about demolishing the gender pay gap, breaking down the glass ceiling, letting men be stay at home dads, and so on.   Feminism wants to break down the gap between the genders.

For women, it means equal pay, more respect, the option to choose work, motherhood, or both, stopping slut shaming and victim blaming, and granting more opportunities.

For men, it means awareness on men being raped, openness to stay at home dads/ and men who aren’t supporting the household solely, and being able to be open and honest and even cry, and not have your masculinity questioned for that.

It means opening up to gender fluids, transgender people, and so on, and making them equal as well, whether they consider themselves a man, woman, or anything in between.

Feminism is beautiful, and I hope that soon it will be looked at as what it is, a movement for equality.  Nothing more, nothing less.


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