Writer’s Block

“The best way to conquer writer’s block, is to procrastinate on your scripts, and write about writer’s block instead.” – Cayla Sacre

Writer’s block is my arch nemesis.  She’s that bitchy girl from middle school who told you your bangs were gross, and the homecoming date you found grinding with another girl.

For those of you who aren’t writers… Writer’s block is what we call a lack of inspiration, perfect words, or plot that keep us from progressing our stories.  It’s the actual worst.

Worse than infected nipple piercings, math classes, standardized tests, and getting ran over by a tricycle.

I have been staring at my computer for a solid hour.  My document has not gotten any longer.  It’s taunting me. It’s saying: “Wow Cayla, you suck.  You are such a horrible write, and you need to shower.”

Instead of writing, I have checked to see if I can still touch my toes (I can), listened to an entire matchbox 20 album, made a song about writer’s block, and decided I’m going to switch majors and pursue my dream of being a Dog Whisperer.

Have I said that I hate writer’s block?

I hate writer’s block.

Here is my system for dealing with writer’s block:

  1. Complain.  A lot.
  2. Listen to a sad song. Cry.  Feel things.  Listen to a happy song.  Dance.  Let your limbs swing freeee.
  3. Eat comfort food.
  4. Get on Twitter and tweet about your problems.
  5. Look up how to change your major.
  6. Write something else.

I’m going to be honest. This is a selfish blog post, because I’m using it get get some inspiration.

In this kind of situation, it’s best to take your mind off the page in front of you, and make a new one.

This time it worked.

Thanks guys:)




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