The World Sucks

After recent events, I felt I should write something about the state of our world.

My view: the world currently kinda sucks.

It seems everyday we are plagued with headlines of shootings, murders, and destruction.  All in the name of what?  Our countries?  Our religions?  Our own self worth?  There is no excuse.

I am afraid of our world.  I’m afraid of the violence and hate.  Where has our love for one another gone?  Yes, it is there.  It is there when terror strikes.  It is there in temporary profile picture covers, and hashtags on twitter.  But that is also an excuse.

We separate ourselves from the horrors outside our front door by hiding behind social media rallies.  We hide smiling selfies behind French flags, and pledge our support to discriminated students across the country through hashtags, but what else are we doing?  Are we doing anything?  #not really

It is hard, I know.  To step outside of Facebook and Twitter and make a difference, but it is needed.  I know I can’t say much, because I am in the same boat.  I don’t know what to do, and I don’t know if there is anything I can do some days.  So yes, I share videos on women’s rights, and wear rainbow pins to support gay rights, and cover myself in black clothes for a black out for students of color, but am I really doing anything?

Yes, and no.

Yes, I am raising awareness which is step one to achieving something.  Yes, I am showing my support.  Yes, I am standing up for what I believe in.

No, I’m staying at home typing into a computer.  No, I’m using caps lock not raising my voice to be heard.  No, I’m not making enough of a difference.

But that is okay.  Because at least we are doing something.  A least 90% of the people on my news feed are aware of what is going on.  So what is the next step?

We need to get beyond social networks and use our feet, our hands, and our minds to make something change.


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