How to Love Someone From Far Away

I said see ya later to a lot of people when I left for Chapman this fall.

And by a lot of people, I mean everyone I loved… basically.

Leaving was not easy, and the longer I am down here, the more I recognize the importance of the relationships that have lasted.

Here is a list of suggestions for How To Love Someone From Far Away:

  1. Thank goodness for social media.  Like honestly, I have no idea how my parents were able to stay sane without the constant possibility of connecting at the tip of our fingers.  I’m thankful for every text message I am able to send, the instagram pictures I am able to scroll through, and the ability I have to stay connected to my friends lives.
  2. Skype is your best friend, and your parents, and occasionally your dog… What I mean is, I am able to actually look at my favorite people when I talk with them.  I can see their smiles and new haircuts.  (Be warned: prepare for Skype to go on for hours).
  3. Be Random.  Even if people aren’t reaching out first, they will not be upset by you doing so.  I know that I personally feel my heart leap when I get a snap chat from someone out of the blue, even if it’s just a picture of shitty cafeteria food.
  4. Leave space to breathe.  Don’t be overbearing.  Relax and know they love you even if they don’t respond for hours.
  5. Screw that, MESSAGE THEM ALL THE TIME.  If your best friend doesn’t respond because they are busy and have a shit ton to do, understand this, but don’t let this stop you from sending them hundreds of gifs. ( I love you Avery, that’s why I bother you all the time).
  6. Be real.  Say “I miss you”, and “I miss your nice butt”, and normal friend things like that.   Your relationship should not change because of distance.   Tell them the same things you would’ve when you lived in the same town.
  7. Say “I love you”.  Every. Single. Time.  Because it’s easy too question.
  8. Ask your parents to give your dog belly rubs for you.  ( My mom rocks and also talks to my dog about me and tells her what I am up to since I can’t right now).

I thought it would be hard, keeping long distance relationships afloat, but it’s not.  It’s what you put in.  If you love someone and they love you, distance is just a curb to step over.  It stops smooth steps, but it’s easy enough to recover.

It is hard.  It’s hard not to see the people you love everyday.  It’s hard to not let your new world be overrun with your old.  It’s hard to miss moments and only be able to say “hello” over the phone.  And it’s hard to feel alone, but it is worth it.

The excitement I feel every time I see names pop up on Skype is surreal.  Distance stretches you thin, but it only tightens the bonds.  If you can not talk to someone for a month then fall right back into place over Skype, that’s true love.  Being away makes you appreciate what you have, and love every moment you get with loved ones.

To end this I will sign off with a quote:

“Long distance relationships will kill you.” -The Naked Brother’s Band

Nat Wolff has a good point, but I disagree.  Long distance sucks, but it’s worth every sucky second.


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