Film School 101

Film School is nuts.

Here at Chapman, Dodge is our Film School, and it reigns supreme.  Seriously, if you tell someone you are in Dodge, it actually impresses them.  It’s like they think you might actually do something exciting with your life.

(We are the 7th best film school I think don’t quote me)

I personally, love Dodge.  It’s like a very odd family.

There are the Disney lovers, the Film Noir lovers, the drama kids and the comedy kids.  The film production kids are just way too good at the whole camera and shooting thing and make everyone else look bad, the TV kids (dats me) imagine laugh tracks at their jokes in their heads, the film studies kids want to do something with film, but have no clue what, the screenwriters cry over their Final Drafts, and the screen actors are really pretty.

And the professors are just as off beat(t) and funky as their students.  I have a 70 year old professor who doesn’t wear bras, a professor who eats kale casually in class, and a professor that told me he knew where they didn’t check ids (not in a creepy way I promise).  So yeah, fancy free at Dodge it seems.

So what is Film School like?

I don’t 100% know yet.  But I’m excited to see.

In my 2 months of being here though, I’m amazed by the learning that goes on, and the talent of the teachers and students.  We start working with our hands on day one.  I’ve written 8 script so far in one class and produced 6 short films in another.  We are encouraged to experiment, to takes risks, and to work with each other.  Everyday I meet someone more talented that me, and it’s a wake up call.  A constant reminder to work hard and dedicate myself to my  craft.

Film school is always something new and exciting.  It’s people walking the halls in fake blood, camera drones flying over the dorms, and finding people asleep in editing suites.  It’s outrageous, courageous, exciting, and chaotic .

Until next time,



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