Hello all, or no one…

Well if there is someone there, hello!

I’m pleased to see you have come upon this little new blog by accident. Please, stay, have a seat, would you like a redbull? It’s all I have in my pre-approved fridge.

I’ll introduce myself.  I’m Cayla (class: Hi Cayla), and I am a Freshman at Chapman University in CA.  I’m majoring in Television Writing and Production (twp) and minoring in Women Studies.  Because TV is cool and women are badass.

More about me… I’m from good ol’ Oregon – pronounced Or-ee-gone by my East Coasters- and miss it terribly.  I’m a writer, a dancer, an actor, a reader,  a F.R.I.E.N.D.S enthusiast, a feminist, and a lover of cheap wine (kidding mom).

This blog is a place for me to talk about shit.  Real shit, scary shit, and stupid shit, because someone needs to.

Okay, first post done!

See ya soon:)


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